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Stacey and Brent

Stacey and Brent celebrated their union over two days. Surrounded by their parents, they married in an intimate ceremony at the Appleton courthouse and we captured some lovely shots on the grounds of Lawrence University. Two weeks later, the couple celebrated in style with family and friends at the Riverview Gardens. 

A short, sweet ceremony, but complete with happy tears.

A short, sweet ceremony, but complete with happy tears.

Before heading out to Lawrence University, we spent time at the old courthouse. The lobby is just full of reflective surfaces and patterns...one just has to look for them.


Thank you, Stacey and Brent, for making me a part of your wedding celebration! I loved photographing your ceremony at the courthouse and the big celebration at the Gardens.


Additional photos of Stacey and Brent's wedding celebration:

Michelle Eide